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"You should write your Grenna fanfic about what happens right after their first kiss, just a suggestion."


“No… Present Tense…” I whisper softly.

It felt like the world was moving in slow motion as I stepped forward towards Greer, I feel her hand on my shoulder just as our lips collide. It takes everything I have to keep my eyes closed, it feels like every nerve in my body is being stimulated, all at once. I bring my hand up to the left side of her face and gently caress her cheek.

Her lips are everything I imagined they’d be, soft, warm and inviting. This is nothing like kissing Kieran… It’s not rushed, it’s passionate and slow, just like I imagined it.

All too soon I feel Greer pulling back from the kiss, but I move forwards keeping our lips connected as she giggles softly against my lips, I hold her there for a moment, but knowing we both have to breathe, our lips disconnect.

I immediately miss the feeling of her lips against mine, my eyes flutter open just as Greer’s do and we stand there, our eyes locked relishing in the moment that we just shared our first kiss.

“I’ve wanted to do that… Ever since that day on the tennis court…” Greer whispers quietly, her eyes darting around my face her eyes lock with mine and she grins again, revealing her cute dimple.

I can feel my heart racing as she stares into my soul, I lean forwards slowly, brushing my lips against hers. Greer’s hand slips up and onto my cheek, her thumb gently rubs it back and forth making my heart melt with a simple gesture. I lean into her hand, relaxing into her touch.

“I never thought I’d fall this hard for a hustler…” She whispers with a wink and I shake my head with a chuckle.

“I never thought I’d fall this hard for someone who’s so happy all the time, but… I like that you’re happy all the time…” I whisper and receive a look of confusion from Greer.

“If you weren’t happy I wouldn’t get to see this beautiful smile, and that cute dimple…” I wink and I can see a light blush come to her cheeks. My heart flutters in my chest as I lean forward again, kissing her gently, but all too soon the kiss is over.

“I hate to say this… But I should get home…” I whisper and Greer nods slowly, “yeah, I understand…” She moves and hugs me tightly, I hum softly at the feeling of Greer’s warmth surrounding me, as soon as her arms leave me, I feel lost. I smile as our eyes lock again, I can see the smile in her eyes, and it makes my heart soar.

I lean forwards to capture her lips one last time, in a simple, yet passion and emotion filled kiss. I reluctantly step back.

“Bye Greer…” I whisper softly as I turn around and start moving away from Greer.

"Bye Brenna…" She whispers softly. I take one last glance back to see her leaned against her door frame, her trademark grin plastered on her face. I feel a grin slip on my face as I continue walking away.

Imitating Greer is becoming a hobby of mine… Her beautiful smile is just that contagious…

I hope I did you proud anon! :) Enjoy! :)


Is there a video of every Grenna scene so far?

The reason I got so crazy when you had them take down the painting. It was the first thing I made in a year, over a year. Why? I don’t talk about why.

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"…not only is Maslany the best actress on TV, she’s actually the top five best actresses on TV."  (BuddyTV)  

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Naya Rivera be like… 



Sneak Peek for next week. Brenna meets her sister.

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*uses hot laptop to relieve cramps*

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this website is so toxic 

With a taste of your lips I’m on a ride


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